Stitch Maynia 2019 Plans

It’s the first day of May. It’s the first day of Stitch Maynia!

Stitch Maynia started as a Facebook group event several years ago. I was never part of the group (read why here), so I may be wrong about the details, but I believe the original challenge was to do fifteen new cross stitch starts in the first fifteen days of May, then use the next fifteen days to continue stitching on those starts. (May has 31 days, but I think the first Stitch Maynia may have been in 2015, hence the focus on fifteen.)

The event has since expanded beyond the Facebook group, and many stitchers have tweaked the challenge for themselves, so now Stitch Maynia is best described as just a big ol’ cross stitch extravaganza for the month of May.

This year, I’m taking part in Stitch Maynia for the first time. I’d like to do something similar to the original challenge, buuuuuut that might be pushing it, especially since I just started a new job.

So instead I’m doing my own (much simpler) Stitch Maynia challenge, and that is:

Make at least twenty stitches a day on the St. Basil’s Cathedral piece.

This piece will be a new start. The pattern is St. Basil’s Cathedral by Ritacuna. I’m planning a few changes to their pattern, most notably using black Aida instead of white. I also have some ideas regarding floss colours but you’ll have to wait and see what those are.

I’m hoping my stitching will be good enough to enter the finished piece into a cross stitch competition. So I’ll need to take my time with each of those twenty stitches. From memory, submissions for the Royal Melbourne Show competition are due in August, so May is a good time to start.

Now it’s time to head home, measure up some Aida, and get my first stitches in.

Happy Stitch Maynia, everyone! I hope you all enjoy yourselves.

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